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ENGLISH: So tell me, what did you come to find here? Read more and see what my opinions & thoughts on everything are all about. Followed my blog? I'll follow yours. PORTUGUÊS: Então me diga, o que você veio encontrar aqui? Leia mais e veja quais são as minhas opiniões & pensamentos sobre todas as coisas. Seguiu o meu blog? Vou seguir o seu.

D is for… Discovery (eng)

Wow it’s been such a long time… I feel like an outsider in my own blog.

Recently I found out that discovering yourself can be challenging. Also it can happen anytime, anywhere.
What is it that makes us push through every single day and makes us look forward to tomorrow, to new discoveries?
Battle after battle, struggle after struggle, it never ceases or ends, discoveries are around the corner awaiting to catch up with us within God’s perfect timing.
Oh God, You definitely were a discovery to me.

The bad phase of it, may be the fear that comes with it. Fear of the unknown, of what ifs and failing.
Also it is important to mention the fear of wasting. Time, effort, breath, thought, passion.
In those times which can be cloudy, cheer up and chin up. Simple steps to make everything be okay and become okay.
Great joy is found in alone time with the One above and hard work.

Work. New ways to do it and succeed at it are discovered every day by me.
Couldn’t feel more thankful.
More positive, more scared, more anxious, more independent, more hopeful, more alive.

Being alive and feeling it. Truly feeling it. There is no discovery such as that one.

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